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Aurora Shooting Timeline

None of this work is mine. It was compiled by reddit user INTeg3r with the help of nilicule over a number of posts as reports came in. (Edit: And now quantumraiders for part 7) The only changes that have been made are to clean up formatting. As new reports come in this page will be updated.

Original Posts:
Comprehensive timeline, part 7: Aurora Massacre
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Comprehensive timeline, part 1: Aurora Massacre 

Important Numbers
Aurora PD: (303)-627-31000
Family Support: (303)-873-5292 or (720)-848-2626
CrisisLine: (303)-698-0999
Hotline (per comment in thread): (303)-739-1862
Crime Stoppers: (720)-913-STOP


Aurora Medical1544
Denver Health6???3
11:08 AM /u/shankeeA yearbook picture.

Please keep them in your thoughts.
Aurora PD info number: 303-627-3100; family support: call 303-873-5292 or 720-848-2626
CrisisLine9: 303-698-0999
Realtime Google coverage: [1] here

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All information here has been independently gathered and aggregated. Accuracy, clarity, and transparency have been the main goals - but any postings (unless official police or hospital releases) should be taken at your own discretion
Watch the live stream

Shooting at the Century/Cinemark Cinema: maplocal police scanner.
Theater 9 (epicenter), Theater 8 (some hit), Theater 16 (people heard tear gas canisters)
July 20, 2012

1:27 AM: "Bring as much crime scene tape as you can"
1:28 AM: Aurora PD merging communications with Denver PD
1:35 AM: Shooter wearing green camo pants
1:37 AM: bomb squad is there, bringing in K-9 units. possible other bombs
1:40 AM: 18 ambulances on scene
1:41 AM: 9news story posted.
1:42 AM: "All ten people in the theater are black." Fatalities.
1:43 AM: Report of a bomb going off in a theater.
1:45 AM: Patients being transported to Denver Health
1:47 AM: Command staff briefing. This is huge.
1:49 AM: Car, Tennesee plates, Hyundai, license [redacted]. third to west, in front of doors. Possible bomb. Main entrances of mall covered. Bomb squad moving in.
1:53 AM: Canine units coordinating at SE entrance between JC Penney's and the food court. May be a bomb in there. Theory that bombs may be in front of theater.
1:55 AM: New evidence for shooters. That's plural. Theater 8, the shooter was seated. One more was outside, went into Theater 9. Coordinated attack. Two shooters. Open door discovered at mall. Suspicion of bomb in there.
1:56 AM: One shooter at large, one in custody. From Facebook: Someone set off some little party poppers in our theatre, next thing I know someone runs in and said there was a shooting. We huddled down into the seats because people were outside the exit. I was fortunate enough to get home safely with my sister but a few friends are still stuck there.
1:57 AM: Due to bombs, police relocating all units to S of Dillard's. Open door was in Macy's. Suspicions of bombs there.
2:01 AM: Submitted to Reddit. Second device possibly found, setting up a "unified command"
2:06 AM: On /r/denver.
Comment from /u/ThePenguinistMy best friend was at this. She said it happened about 30-40 minutes into the midnight premiere. Someone burst through the door and started shooting tear gas and then a gun. The only reason they got out was because they hit the ground and went for the door on their bellies.
2:04 AM: MSNBC tweets the story.
2:06 AM:  Secondary explosive device found in front of theater
2:08 AM:  Bringing K-9 unit to the command post.
2:14 AM:  Indian male found as witness. People (witnesses) moving to the food court entrance
2:18 AM: Witnesses being transported to Gateway High School. There are 100 witnesses.
2:26 AM: Story on MSNBC here
2:28 AM: Theatre 9 going to Gateway HS. Everyone else is triaged. No vehicles allowed to leave. Witnesses being photographs.
2:30 AM: Water jugs being moved.
2:32 AM: "Code 2, cruiser 49 ASAP"
2:36 AM: Called the Denver Batman massacre by the Belfas Telegraph
2:42 AM: "Possible older cop car-type seen fleeing the scene"
2:45 AM: Which ambulances going where: 5 to Denver, 14 to University, 4 to Children's, 3 to Aurora South, 2 to Parker, 2 to Swedish
2:47 AM: From 9News: 15 mins into movie, popping heard. People thought it was part of the movie. Saw material coming through the wall. Chaotic. Caused a scramble. Several injured people escorted into ambulances. Flow of ambulances slowed down, flow of police has not. SWAT teams there. Theater 9: Guy in body armor. "One of the largest scenes I've seen in my journalistic career."
2:52 AM: Several police cars surrounding a vehicle. Possible explosive devices inside.
2:54 AM: Tuned in to the 9News stream.
2:58 AM: Newscast from Gateway HS. Witness is talking. People heard explosions and gunfire. No idea what happened. One shooter had a gas mask and was throwing tear gas.
2:59 AM: Scanners report knife pulled on someone. WAY far away from theater. May be unrelated.
3:01 AM: Someone reporting hand pain outside the theater.
3:02 AM: Confirmed: At least 10 killed, 39 injured. Theaters 8 and 9 were sold out, and that's where the shooting took place. 9News confirms that one person is in custody.
3:02 AM: Nothing found inside the mall so far. Dogs coming out.
3:06 AM: Witness interview from earlier being replayed. Witness in Theater 9 was young woman. She described a man about 6' tall kicked through the door in a riot helmet and bulletproof vest. He was completely covered in all black, with goggles. After that, she and her boyfriend dropped to the floor. They got up, ran through the emergency exit. Shooter made his way up the stairs and started shooting people with the shotgun.
3:10 AM: News is stalling until the police chief address.
3:15 AM: Press conference: Gas released, gunman opened fire. Only know of one gunman. Police officers respond, find the gunman outside of the theater, carrying gas mask, rifle, handgun. One additional weapon found inside. 50 were hit. 14 confirmed dead.
3:15 AM: /u/elcooleric comments from the shooting.
3:30 AM: AR-15 was the gun potentially used. One shooter or two? Many questions and very few answers other than a new death toll after the press conference. Keep your thoughts with the victims and their families.
3:42 AM: More testimonies. Babies and small girls shot. News anchors getting emotional. Reports that the suspect had explosives in his apartment, which is also being searched.
3:48 AM: Another /r/denver post from /u/WaterSnake: here
3:49 AM: More confirmation. 14 dead. 50 injured.
3:58 AM: /u/damian001 finds a video of the 
 aftermath. Warning, graphic contents. mirrored
4:01 AM: We beat 9News on the video. The video is 
 slightly graphic, and they aren't showing it with audio.
4:04 AM: "No reason to believe there is a second gunman"
4:06 AM: 10 died at the theater, 4 died at the hospital. 50 others had injuries.
4:13 AM: 911 calls and police radio being played. They're talking about the tear gas.
4:35 AM: President Barack Obama notified about the shooting.
4:36 AM: /u/derphurr updates: a man was shot in Kia outside theater, police spotted man in gas mask (the suspect) in parking lot outside the back of the movie theater after the shooting, police found suspect by his car in the parking lot
4:37 AM: Another witness interview. Person's friend shot, but not fatally. "All I can do is pray."
4:41 AM: /u/nilicule links the Denver 7News broadcast.
4:46 AM: Children's hospital in Aurora treating six victims aged 6 to 31; Chik-fil-a is opening for officers that need restrooms/food
4:48 AM: /u/mkyweriga: Officer reports Navy Petty Officer inquiring about a US Navy Sailor being killed in the incident. Officers are unaware of the identities of any of the victims at this time.
4:50 AM: /u/mkyweriga: Mall is cleared, floor cleaner released from police custody.
4:55 AM: Just called 9News about this timeline. Today Show has cancelled their show. Michael Phelps sends his condolences.
5:04 AM: White House releases a statement offering condolences: /u/nilicule here
5:10 AM: Youngest patient at University hospital is 3 months old, according to a tweet
5:15 AM: I found a Wikipedia page about the shootings.
5:16 AM: /u/nilicule: Good Morning America reports at least 100 FBI agents are on scene in Aurora, Colorado.
5:17 AM: /u/hgmanifold: Car cleared by bomb squad, clearing backpacks.
5:19 AM: /u/yelhsa87: Video of police describing shootings.
5:25 AM: /u/nilicule: Eyewitness tells @todayshow that gunman was dressed in SWAT-like outfit, methodically shot people as they tried to exit room. Another walk-in victim at University (/u/hgmanifold).
5:26 AM/u/Deus_Viator: Two eyewitnesses on 9News say that 2 gas canisters were thrown from separate locations in the theater. Maybe multiple gunmen? EDIT: I've been following this since 1:30 and it seemed like multiple gunmen around then. Take with a grain of salt. For now.
5:27 AM: /u/hgmanifold: Bomb squad is requesting a Ladder Truck and 30ft boom with "cherry picker"
5:28 AM: Mitt Romney: 'Ann and I are deeply saddened by the news of the senseless violence that took the lives of 15 people in Colorado'
5:32 AM: /u/dr0ne_: Take with an entire container of salt. 4chan thread Also: "Shut that area down, we don't want anyone to trigger these devices"
5:33 AM: Suspect's house confirmed: 17th & Peoria
5:35 AM: FBI: Suspect indicates he has explosives at his house.
5:36 AM: /u/jason-samfield: Tissue samples being collected for evidence.
5:40 AM: /u/hgmanifold: Bomb Squad released.
5:43 AM: /u/SimonHova: Twitter link of first (unconfirmed) victim. Her last tweet was 20 minutes before the start of the movie. source
5:44 AM: /u/nilicule: All available SWAT to report to 17th and Peoria for meeting will be soon releasing a team.
Also, from /u/nilicule: The cinema where the attack took place is just under 20 miles from Columbine High School, where two students shot dead 13 people in 1999.
5:46 AM: Hospital releasing numbers very soon.
5:47 AMBeardstone: Report of guy with handgun leaving in red car.
5:49 AM: Good news. Death count revised from 14/15 to 12.
5:53 AM/u/hgmanifold + /u/CCFTW: Bomb squad was released from the vehicle at the theater. Second unit on scene at the apt. complex.
5:55 AM: Tweets posted. Trending as #theatershooting.
5:59 AM/u/shankeeTweet found from @RamCNN. Also, /u/hgmanifold: Fire Tower 8 will be entering "Hot Zone".
6:00 AM/u/Beardstone: "Tower is going in"
6:03 AM/u/nilicule: Witness account of shooting here
6:04 AM/u/derphurr: Possible picture of the shooter car: here - warning, blood
6:05 AM/u/shankee: GrrlScientist tweets about the shooting. Interesting.
6:06 AM: FBI: Shooter had an assault rifle, two handguns, and teargas. The car had Tennessee plates. Shooter born in December '87. Shooter has given police a name, but needs to be confirmed. Apprehended outside the theater.
6:08 AM: Adams, Aurora, and Denver county bomb squads are investigating his apartment.
6:09 AM/u/CCFTW + /u/OrgasmicWalrus: 2 federal officials say suspect in Colorado movie theater mass shooting is James Holmes, born December 13, 1987. @NBCNews - also, 9News is playing same dispatch audio again
6:10 AM: Confirmed and cross-referenced by /u/hgmanifold/u/shankee/u/nilicule/u/purmou/u/mkyweriga
6:12 AM: Only contact with Holmes was a traffic ticket. /u/derphurr: His apartment is across the street from Peoria Elementary School.
6:13 AM/u/disorderleeVideo of the police arriving at the apartment.
6:14 AM: Reddit, this is one time you probably should try to dig up some personal information about this guy.
6:16 AM: Go, Reddit, go! List of hospitals moved to the top.
6:19 AM/u/shankee: 14 minutes of posted police radio here
6:20 AM: FBI agent beginning to enter 3rd floor window of the apartment. "Items of interest" found (/r/nilicule).
6:24 AM/u/solie: 3-month old "doing fine"
6:27 AM/u/hgmanifold: Electricity is NOT to be shut off, just in case of triggers. Also, (/u/shankee) Denver Health upgrades the critical patient to "fair condition"
6:29 AM/u/nilicule: Gas was shut off to the suspect's building.
6:31 AM/u/nilicule: Time releases an image gallery from outside the theatre.
6:33 AM/u/dynabetes finds a possible White Pages entry for James E. Holmes
6:35 AM/u/nilicule finds some Reddit photos from a victim. WARNING! GRAPHIC!
6:36 AM/u/CrayonOfDoom posts confirmation of another victim that died.
6:42 AM/u/disorderleeLinks to suspect's possible online profiles.
6:45 AM/u/nilicule: Suspect's mother tells @ABCNews that the police have the right man.
6:50 AM/u/hgmanifold: chatter: "If this thing does go, be prepared to be defensive because of the 'stuff' inside the building"
6:51 AM/u/nilicule: "Dark Knight Rises" Paris premiere CANCELLED.
6:52 AM/u/solle: 3-month-old discharged!
6:58 AM/u/shankee: Warner Bros. statement: "We extend our sincere sympathies to the families and loved ones of the victims at this tragic time."
7:00 AM: Ignore the ldmaster profiles, please: unless we find something out, please don't post personal info. Thanks.
7:03 AM/u/hgmanifold: PD is requesting HazMat.
7:10 AM/u/fatmanbrigade: Huffington post timeline of how the shooting news spread
7:15 AM: Bomb squad leaving the suspect's apartment.
7:16 AM/u/nilicule: CNN: As precaution, NYPD will be providing coverage at theaters where 'The Dark Knight Rises' is playing. source/u/blerg: Guy who was in theater 9: here, and girl here
7:17 AM/u/niliculeBadly placed ad running over the story on the Denver Post
7:23 AM/u/fatmanbrigade posts local live streams for ABCCBSNBCFOX, thanks!
7:30 AM/u/shankee: CNN: No explosives found at suspect's apartment source
7:33 AM/u/shankee: "Medical student, quiet and easygoing." twitter
7:35 AM: Press conference by Aurora Medical Center. Stats on their way.
7:36 AM/u/nilicule: One of those killed in Aurora is a 6-year-old girl, father tells KDVR-TV
7:40 AM/u/nilicule + /u/shankee: President Obama has cut his Florida campaign swing short because of the shooting.
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7:51 AM/u/nilicule: NYPD Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly on increased security at New York City movie theaters following Colorado mass shooting: news story
7:53 AM/u/jonate: 9News tries to source claims from 9gag and realizes it's a troll
8:00 AM/u/shankee: Federal officials: Aurora gunman propped open rear door of theater, put on gear, threw tear gas, and began shooting. source
8:05 AM/u/faraya: Witness is saying someone received a phone call, went to Exit door and held it open with his foot. After this the shooter came in. 711:00:00 mark on 9News
8:12 AM: Colorado Governor Hickenlooper on Aurora mass shooting: here
8:15 AMTry not to pursue people named James Holmes on Facebook.
8:17 AM: Barack Obama calls mayor of Aurora. He will speak on the incident from Florida. Washington is hugely involved.
8:20 AM/u/shankee: Buckets of ammo found in the apartment.
8:24 AM/u/nilicule: We do not believe at this point there was an apparent nexis [sic] to terrorism," White House spokesman Jay Carney says.
8:28 AM/u/nilicule: The U.S. Army, concerned over speculation that the shooter might have been a veteran — and eager to stifle the meme of the psychotic veteran before it spread — felt compelled to email that a database check of the suspect resulted in "no evidence suggest[ing] this individual served in the Army." via Wired
8:33 AM: NBC interviews: here and here
8:36 AM/u/nilicule: Huffington Post profile of James Holmes
8:40 AM/u/niliculeMedia speculation about the shooting.
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8:44 AM/u/Deus_Viator: Blood banks are looking for (/u/srepetsk) O-, A-, and platelet donors.
8:45 AM/u/nilicule: Apartment of Aurora shooting suspect is booby-trapped with flammable or explosive material, Aurora police say
8:50 AM: President Obama is  addressing the nation. Audio of his comments already uploaded here (/u/tenuto). Transcript here (/u/apeudire)
8:53 AM/u/nilicule: 5 buildings evacuated around the site.
8:58 AM/u/nilicule: Explosives appear 'very sophisticated' and police could be at scene 'for hours or days,' Aurora police chief says
9:00 AM/u/Deus_Viator: Hazmat team has arrived at the suspect's residence.
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9:10 AM: University of Colo. Med School says shooting suspect was student there but withdrew last month.
9:11 AM/u/stephwilsonPhone interview with a witness.
9:12 AM: Bloomberg calls for tighter gun control policies.
9:13 AM: CNN reporting suspect due in court later today
9:16 AM: /u/coooolbeansKDVR article about the shooting
9:18 AM/u/nilicule: #CUDenver confirms #theatershooter, James Holmes, getting PHD in neuroscience-- started in fall of 2011; withdrew last month.
9:22 AMConfirmation of Jessica Redfield Ghawi's death.
9:25 AM/u/alekst: There's a press conference in San Diego outside home of the parents of alleged shooter.
9:34 AM: Pentagon spokesman: US service members apparently among casualties.
9:35 AM/u/shadow_of_a_memory: Obama and Romney stop political ads for today. source
9:40 AM/u/ndgeekMoments from the press conference at the Aurora Medical Center.
9:50 AM: Suspect's family issues statement: "Our hearts go out to those who were involved in this tragedy.
9:55 AM/u/derphurr: Really low-res picture of the guy. Maybe.
9:59 AM/u/apeudire: Maryland police increase presence at theaters, same in Baltimore
10:03 AM: Just screenshotted his picture.
10:05 AM: Unconfirmed reports of C4 in the building?
10:06 AM: Be back in a few minutes. Need to shower.
10:18 AM/u/Dspradau (thanks for filling the gap): Suspect to be in court on Monday. There are requests coming in to allow cameras in the courtroom.
10:24 AM/u/HyyerPhotos from the police breaking into the shooter's apartment.
10:26 AM/u/OblongataPhoto of Holmes, high-res here (/u/kazuma_k).
10:32 AM: Back. I'm not going to keep you guys waiting any longer. Getting caught up right now...
10:34 AM: Denver Medical Center: 6 patients treated for gunshot wounds and cuts. 4 in fair condition.
10:37 AM: Two AF reserve, 1 Navy service member wounded, per NBC
10:42 AM: EXTREMELY sophisticated bomb setup according to 9News. They're really covering this thing well.
10:46 AM/u/cjacobs18: James Holmes' presentation roster for medical school, under the topic "MicroRNA Biomarkers." Equally creepy: comic that's frightenly similar to the shooting.
10:47 AM: Mitt Romney is giving his condolences.
10:48 AM/u/geekgirl96: Twitter of Alex Sullivan, who is currently missing.
10:50 AM: Replay of Obama video: "There are other days for politics. This is a day for prayer and reflection."
10:56 AM: /u/imgurvisitor + /u/dencorokr: Alex Sullivan is at Swedish in critical condition.
11:06 AM/u/RogueA: According to the 9News broadcast, the booby trap is a bunch of "liter sized pop bottles, believed to be filled with explosive or flammable materials, with wires running between all of them."
11:28 AM: Sorry for the gap. Been busy. 4 members of US military, 2 Air Force reservists, 2 Navy service members, wounded, hospitalized in Colorado shootings
11:30 AM/u/Kaladin_Stormblessed: 911 transcripts uploaded by CNN.
11:36 AM/u/apeudire: "He seemed like a normal kid" - neighbo[u]r - source
11:38 AM/u/mvpmets00: Aurora gunman propped open rear door of theater, put on gear, threw tear gas and began shooting.
11:42 AM/u/c0reyann: Why didn't I post this before? "Alex Sullivan's fate is still unknown, his friend was misinformed that he was at Swedish."
11:52 AM: CSU football recruit Zack Golditch was among those wounded in the #theatershooting
11:52 AM: Current CSURams Football player David Anderson (Junior, WR) escaped the Aurora #theatreshooting without injury .
11:56 AM: Press conference: AR-15 assault rifle, Remington shotgun, .40 Glock handgun, other 40cal Glock handgun found in the car. 71 people shot, 12 deceased. Holmes set off 2 devices, released smoke or some sort of irritant. Officials are confident he acted alone. Suspect was wearing ballistic helmet, ballistic leggings, groin protecter, tactical gloves, gasmask.
12:00 PM: Suspect lives at 1690 Paris Street, which is currently an active and difficult scene due to presence of boobytraps.
12:02 PM: DA Carol Chambers interviewed a statement.
12:03 PM: Anschutz campus Research Bldgs 1 & 2 evacuated. #theatershooting suspect worked there
12:04 PM: Press conference: Police are unwilling to speculate about a motive
12:05 PM: Press conference: between first call to 911 and arrest was a minute to minute and a half
12:06 PM: Some good news: ThinkGeek has donated $1000 to Red Cross Denver
12:09 PM: Press conference: Police will not release his booking photo today
12:10 PM: Colorado local police say, once again, they are not looking for anyone else in connection with attack in cinema in which 12 people died
12:11 PM: Aurora Police Chief doesn't know if Holmes had legal possession of weapons
12:14 PM: The District Attorney's office has a page for victim services
12:15 PM: The Washington Post has a detailed map of the area
12:17 PM: Police chief: Booby traps at #theatershooting suspect home "something I've never seen."
12:19 PM: Obama orders flags to be flown at half-staff until sunset on Wednesday.
12:19 PM: Police chief: "Bodies are still in movie theater."
12:20 PM: National Association of Theatre Owners says it is 'reviewing security procedures' in movie theaters
12:23 PM: Colorado shooting suspect to police: I am the Joker
12:26 PM: News9 analyst Scott Robertson says suspect will be charged with 10 counts of first degree murder, 61 counts of attempted first degree murder
12:33 PM: AP law enforcement source: Colorado shooting suspect bought ticket to movie , went into theater as part of crowd
12:36 PM/u/graycrawford posts a personal account from a friend
12:41 PM: Twitter account for the National Rifle Association had this to say - NRA has since apologized.
12:45 PM: The Huffington Posts lists how you can help victims, families of the tragedy
12:47 PM: Apple Trailers has deleted the page for Gangster Squad. Trailer featured movie theater mass shooting. It also appears YouTube has blocked U.S. users from viewing Gangster Squad trailers. iTunes has also removed the trailer for Gangster Squad
12:57 PM: Warner Brothers is considering suspending Batman airings for the rest of the weekend
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1:01 PM: Aurora PD says people wanting to pick up cars left at the theater can go to the northernmost mall entrancefrom Abeline Street
1:02 PM: The CU Denver says it has asked non-essential personnel to go home in three of its research buildings in Aurora.
1:10 PM: NBC's Pete Williams reports: all of Holmes' guns were legally purchased within the last few months from two different stores, with first one bought in May.
1:16 PM: Holmes is being called a nice guy who had been struggling to find a job.
1:27 PM/u/shankee: Suspect's father arrives in Denver. Being escorted by police.
1:34 PM /u/nilicule: Aurora PD have changed the phone number for tips to Crime Stoppers at 720.913.STOP. Aurora PD spokesperson says families looking for information can call 303.739.1862
1:35 PM/u/shankee: Flags at half-mast.
1:38 PM: /u/nilicule: Facebook User Posts Photo Of Apparent Stub From 'Dark Knight Rises' Massacre
1:40 PM: /u/nilicule: Survivors can register that they are safe and well here source
1:41 PM: /u/gococks: AP talks about Holmes' hair being dyed like the Joker.
1:43 PM: /u/networkdeskpeon posts a DoD release.
IMMEDIATE RELEASE No. 602-12 July 20, 2012
Statement on Colorado Shooting Incident
The Department of Defense is deeply saddened by the news of
the tragic incident at the Aurora Mall Movie Theater in Aurora, Colo.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and the families of those
impacted by this event. One sailor was injured and one, known to have
been at the theatre that evening, is currently unaccounted for.
Two airmen were injured in the incident. The Navy and the Air Force are
working with the families of these service members to ensure they have
the care and attention they need. We can also confirm that the alleged
gunman in this incident, James Holmes, is not a past or current member of
any branch or component of the U.S. Armed Forces.
*U.S. Department of Defense*
1:47 PM: Warner Brothers pulls TV ads for Dark Knight Rises
1:57 PM: /u/nilicule: Denver Comic Con Honors Aurora Victims With Blue Ribbon In Memoriam
2:00: Live video from Holmes' parents house alternate
2:05 PM: Direct donations to (303) 739-6346.
2:16 PM: AMC Theaters says it will not allow guests wearing "face-covering masks" inside movie theaters after Colorado shooting. full statement
2:25 PM: Suspect not cooperating.
2:26 PM: DHS warned about threats in movie theaters
2:27 PM/u/nilicule: The Department of Homeland Security in a May 17, 2012 memo, warned that American movie theaters were increasingly likely targets for terrorist attacks, primarily because they packed many people into one tightly confined place. pdf
2:28 PM: Colfax to 19th will be closed at approximately 6:00pm for the next phase of entering the apartment according to 9News.
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2:45 PM: Take a break and read The Onion's take on this.
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3:10 PM/u/withoutahat: "Chances are your posts are the reference for every news source. You've effectively turned Reddit into the reverse-aggregate news site."
3:11 PM/u/laladalaetc: Holmes purchased his guns from two national chains: Bass Pro Shops and Gander Mountain Guns.
3:17 PM: Still waiting for comments to come back.
3:21 PM: ODEON to continue 'vigilant safety measures' after US shooting
3:22 PM: Federal law enforcement reports that the suspect had dyed his hair red and claimed he was the Joker. (from 9News webcast)
3:30 PM: (yeah, news is slower right now): /u/nilicule: School district confirms Colorado shooter graduated from San Diego-area high school; Poway USD confirms James Holmes a graduate of Westview High School [16] source
3:33  PM : Possible AdultFriendFinder picture discovered.
3:40 PMThis was found by /u/Kristie. Maybe NSFW
3:42 PM/u/dmilesai: Posting UC Riverside attendance confirmation.
3:43 PM: Reddit comments may be coming back.
3:47 PM/u/KatePasa posts a news update
07-20-2012 1:25 PM The next Press Conference will be held this evening at 7:00 p.m. at the Aurora Municipal Center campus at 15151 East Alameda Parkway. Please go to the parkinglot on the south side of the campus between the library and the Aurora Municipal Center.
3:50 PM/u/mvpmets00 says:
Loud techno music was reported playing in suspects apartment, apparently set on a timer. The thinking is the music was a ploy by the suspect to lure law enforcement to apartment for a noise complaint. Which would then have set off "bombs" in the apartment.
3:51 PM: Speculatory comparison image from /u/MiKenning posted.
3:54 PM/u/kevindqc takes one for the team and actually buys an AdultFriendFinder account, resulting in some more pictures and a comparison. Still speculation.
3:59 PM/u/mvpmets00: Potential ruse to lure officers to the booby traps with a noise complaint. Confirms /u/mvpmets00 @ 3:50.
4:02 PM/u/quantumpirates: Huffington Post says that James Holmes was "not friendly" according to his neighbor.
4:07: PM Another AFF corroboration post, with some explanation.
Created July 5. This has been premeditated for at least 15 days.username classicjimbo, jimbo is short for Jim.
age 24
aurora, CO.
Red hair, as rumor suspected.
'visit me in jail'

4:10 PM/u/nilicule: Please offer messages of support through The Denver Channel.
4:11 PM/u/nilicule: Security guards hired, costumes banned after Denver theater shootings: source
4:12 PM/u/shankee: The last update from Swedish Hospital was 40 mins ago: Shooting Update: 4 total victims here. 3 in stable condition. Male/18, Male/20, Female/29. 1 Female/19 treated and released. /u/nilicule: Authorities have begun removing the bodies from the theatre.
4:16 PM/u/shankee: Huffington Post has a photo of the father arriving.
4:19 PM: AMC Theatres: Costumes aren't banned, but masks and fake weapons are/u/quantumpirates:  neogaf thread about Holmes
4:21 PM/u/shankee: HealthONE: We will have two more media briefings today, media tents in north end of The Medical Center of Aurora parking lot: 4:30pm MST 6:30pm MST
4:29 PM/u/nillicule: Columbine High School principal, there in 1999, fielded calls from around the world today
4:30 PM/u/quantumpirates: CNN 911 calls, in case they weren't posted before
4:31 PM/u/xyxzzPhoto of Holmes from the neogaf thread.
4:32 PMER doctor: "This has actually been one of the most horrific nights of my career."
4:34 PM/u/XXLOLHEADSHOTXX: Shooter used Vicodin before the massacre: source
4:36 PM: UPDATE: DO NOT call 303-739-6346 to offer money for the victims. This number is for food donations for APD.
4:40 PMHolmes' former instructor: 'He was nice, easy-going'
4:42 PM: From /u/derphurr — source

  • He took 100mg of Vicodin about two and half hours before the shooting 
  • He told police he was acting alone and tipped them to the booby trapped explosives in his Aurora apartment.But he then asked for a lawyer and stopped cooperating. 
  • According to sources, he had nine clips in an ammo carrier and police found at least three .40-caliber magazines, a shotgun and a large drum magazine on the floor when they arrived. 
  • One source believed the ammo drum for the AR-15 had jammed sometime during the shooting.
  • Speculation that the gun overheated. 
  • Holmes exited the theater where he was confronted by at least two officers.

4:44 PM/u/pure_nonsense + /u/withoutahatPolice to detonate devices as of 6:23 PM MDT.
4:45 PM: More on the apt booby trap from Reuters — /u/derphurr:
  • Loud music on a timer to lure a noise complaint. 
  • Police now plan to detonate the devices using a robot 
  • The living room of the apartment was crisscrossed with trip wires connected to a number of plastic bottles containing an undetermined fluid

4:49 PM/u/nilicule: Security stepped up nationwide in wake of massacre
4:52 PM: @TroyRenck tweets: "There will be a moment of silence of silence [sic] prior to tonight's Rockies-Padres game. A sad day for so many. Prayers for the families"
4:53 PM: Aurora Fire Department tears down their equipment.
4:54 PM/u/nilicule: Aurora gunman, calling himself the Joker, apparently planned theater attack meticulously.
4:56 PM: According to 9News, the shooter bought a ticket, propped the emergency door, armed himself, and came in. He had 3 weapons on him today: one in his car (a Glock .40) and three in the theater: an AR-15, shotgun, and a second Glock .40. CNN reported that he had a 100-round magazine on the AR-15. Shots started at 12:39 AM. Police arrived within a minute to a minute and a half.
5:13 PM/u/nilicule: "Dark Knight Rises" director Christopher Nolan condemns shooting as "savage"
5:16 PM/u/nilicule: Photo: Three-month-old injured in Colorado theater shooting is discharged from the hospital
5:19 PM/u/nilicule: Chancellor of UC Riverside, where suspected Colorado gunman graduated, makes a statement
5:20 PM/u/shankee: CNN corroborates 9News' story from 4:56. Also, Holmes is an "enigma" to law enforcement.

Edit 1:
5:26 PM: /u/drunkenkyle: 9News hopes that there will be a camera in the courtroom on Monday at 8:30 AM MDT. Judge later confirms it. (/u/nilicule)

5:30 PM: /u/nilicule: ThinkGeek blog post from earlier today
nilicule taking over for integ3r again for a bit
5:55 PM: Aurora theater shooting: Police and fire department scanner traffic audio archive
5:59 PM: Law enforcement sources say situation at Colorado gunman's apartment will last through the weekend.
6:01 Residents evacuated from apartments near theater shooting suspect's home allowed back in to get belongings. Evacuees of the following residences will be permitted to return to their apartments to pick up emergency items such as medicine, baby items, etc.: 11948 East 17th Avenue 1686 Paris Street 1685 Paris Street 1678 Paris Street. Evacuees should meet at Paris Elementary School (1635 Paris Street) at 7PM MDT. They should bring their identification. Everyone will be escorted by Police Officers and will have a limited amount of time to gather these items. No children will be permitted inside of the building.
6:13 PM: The latest information on the Century 16 Movie Theater shooting is listed at this page
6:13 PM: Aurora Mental Health has a counseling drop-in site open 24 hours/day this weekend at 11059 East Bethany Dr. Ste. 200., Aurora.
6:14 PM: Coroners office says families will be notified of the dead at 8pm
6:15 PM: Stories of bravery begin to come out after Batman movie massacre
6:20 PM: Psychologists speculate about mental state of suspect
6:23 PM: Aurora Police have scheduled a press conference for 9p Eastern
6.25 PM: The death penalty is a reality for the suspect, even though only 1 person has been executed in Colorado since 1977
6:27 PM: Yurivictor posts gruesome photo of theater back door
6:29 PM: Vehicles left at Century 16 will not be able to get their cars after 7PM tonight.
6:35 PM: Roger Ebert adds his thoughts about the tragedy
7:06 PM: Colorado Governor says 70 people shot , not 71.
7:06 PM: Colorado Governor: 11 still in critical condition ; 30 in hospital overall.
7:07 PM: Aurora shooting suspect James Holmes in court in Colorado on Monday, 09:30 local time - court officials
7:08 PM: Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper: 70 total casualties in theater shooting; as of 3:30 pm MT, 11 in critical condition
7:09 PM: Latest updates from Aurora officials
7:10 PM: Aurora, Colorado Police Chief: Last of bodies removed from theatre after 5pm local time.
7:11 PM: Press conference: Suspect purchased 3000 rounds .223, 3000 rounds of .40, 300 rounds of 12 gauge shotgun. Multiple magazines bought over the internet, including a 100 round drum magazine.
7:12 PM: Aurora, Colo. Police Chief: Confirmed list of the 10 deceased should be available within the next hour. 70 peoplemet with police and others at 4pm local -- those 70 have loved ones unaccounted for
7:14 PM: Aurora, Colo. Police Chief: Five apartment buildings evacuated, including apartment building of the suspect. Officials are waiting for support from government before proceeding after finding jars of liquids, jars of mortar rounds.
7:15 PM: Aurora, Colo. Police Chief: Suspect was origininally hailing from Riverside, CA.
7:18 PM: Aurora, Colo. Police Chief: Tip line is open at 720.913.STOP
7:18 PM: Community information number: 303.739.1862
7:18 PM: Aurora, Colo. Police Chief: There will be a prayer vigil at 6.30pm on Sunday
7:18 PM: Aurora, Colo. Police Chief: If we had information about a motive, we would not share it with the press
7:20 PM: Suspect is being held in Arapahoe Co. jail; booking mug will not be released, police chief says
7:21 PM: Aurora, Colo. Police Chief: "They rushed people out of that theatre into police cars. Our cops went through a lot.". Chief visibly and understandably emotional, well being of officer is a priority as well.
7:23 PM: Aurora, Colo. Police Chief: Suspect has an attorney
7:28 PM: Shelter is open at #loc Aurora Central HS 11700 E 11th Ave Aurora
7:34 PM: The Denver Post posts an interactive timeline
7:40 PM: Warner Bros cancels personal appearances of Dark Knight cast and crew at Mexico and Japan premieres.
7:41 PM: Jessica Gawhi's mom shares last text from her minutes before she died

Edit 2:
9:04 PM: mutiple sources confirm alex sullivan has passed away source1source2 may he rest in peace.
9:05 PM: user Tavman cleaned up the audio of the dispatch and posted the police dispatch
9:43 PM: News9 video stream has confirmed that holmes will be represented by 'one of the best' public defenders in the country (text source needed)
9:43 PM: current speculation is that the list of victims names will not be released until Saturday morning at the earliest, as police reach out to victims families
9:50 PM: user Tavman cleaned up the audio of the dispatch and posted the fire department dispatch
10:16 user smileyman has posted a clean aggregate of all 7 reddit threads thus far and continues to update as we do Link

Edit 3:
10:59 PM: News9 video stream spoke with a gun salesman who confirmed that Holmes had dyed at the time of purchase (text source needed) - [this development potentially adds strength to AFF profile actually belonging to suspect]

Edit 3:

11:15 PM family of Alex Sullivan released a statement earlier today along with this picture.
11:15 PM user The_time_lord has provided a list of outlets for those wishing to write letters of correspondence or support to many involved in the tragedy link (please use courtesy if you do choose to address any of those people)

Edit 4:
11:25 PM several news sources confirm Twenty-three-year-old Micayla Medek among deceased source1source2/source3 may she rest in peace.

Edit 5: 

11:42 AM: though previously posted many users have requested information about the firearms used by the suspect. information can be found here link
10: 47 AM: new eyewitness video from theatre just after the shooting found on youtube, depicts injured woman surround by several people link


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